We don’t need insurance. We don’t. Really.

“Oh, Heather (you might say), we DO need insurance! Let me tell you about this harrowing story where insurance saved us from financial ruin! Without insurance, [loved one] would have died!!”

Ok. I get it. Its emotional. I’ll tackle medical insurance in a few. For now, let’s start easy.

Most people I talk with believe in insurance. Many stores offer it for their products. The employees from these stores who offer me the insurance are confused and surprised when I decline the coverage, and I often have to decline it over and over, in the same conversation.

I went to one of those big-box electronic stores and bought a video game. “Would you like to purchase a 1-year warranty for the game?” Nope. “Its only $3!” No thank you. “It will cover scratches, spills…” Please stop.

When did companies stop offering warranties for their products and install this nickel and dime b.s.? I have never had a game (or movie) glitch out on me, and I’ve bought many of them. If one dies, and I have to buy a new one, I will certainly do so with all the extra money I saved by NOT buying warranties for every dang thing I buy.

Nothing lasts forever. Nothing. This is all temporary. If my car breaks down, if my body breaks down, if my phone breaks down, I’ll deal with it with whatever resource I have at my disposal. And the more I decline your crappy insurance, the more money I’ll have in my pocket to do that.

Now, medical insurance. A friend recently had to visit the hospital for stomach pains. They did blood work, CAT scan and gave him some medicine. He was there for 5 hours and they charged him $11,000 (holy cow… for what??). He spoke with a doctor friend of his and she told him, “Yeah, we have to over-charge people with insurance to help cover the people without insurance, so that’s why your bill was so high.”

Excuse me? So… if I don’t have insurance, someone else will foot the bill? Sign me up! Oh, wait. That’s the kind of mentality that got us into this mess.

I know… let’s create free healthcare, so no one has to foot the bill! Oh wait. There’s no such thing as “free healthcare”, because someone somewhere has to pay for it, and trust me – it won’t be the 1%ers paying, it will be you and me.

I know many doctors. The general consensus is that they have to play a game with the insurance companies to get the most out of them that they can (by over-charging you and me), and when they have patients that don’t have any insurance (and not a lot of money), they work with them within their budget.

Do you think that maybe without insurance, most things wouldn’t cost nearly as much as they do? Cars, homes, health, electronics, etc.? Isn’t it by relying on insurance for fear of something that might happen that has gotten us into a huge mess? The amount my husband and I have to pay each month toward heath insurance, compared to how often he and I visit the doctor is staggering. If we didn’t have insurance, and put that money into our own savings account, we’d have PLENTY of money to take care of whatever incidentals arise (especially with the lower rates the docs would have for us uninsured folks!). Same with our cars. The number of times he and I have had accidents is so small, that if we were to save that money each month, we’d have enough to cover whatever damage we cause now and then.

Its just so frustrating.

2 thoughts on “Insurance

  1. Great article! I could get into “free healthcare” myself as a future professional but I’ll leave that for another day. Last but not least, can’t wait for more! Keep these coming!

    • Hey, Tim! Thanks for following! Glad you liked it – I don’t normally write about such things, but I was having that kind of day, haha. Hope to see you soon.

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