Hard in Hightown

For Christmas this year, I decided to create an audiobook recording of a short story for Hogan. This story was written by someone(s) over at BioWare, and was included in a series of video games Hogan and I adore (Dragon Age). In the games, the “author” of the story was a character named “Varric Tethras”; a beloved dwarf and raconteur.

I’m putting them here, mainly because Hogan suggested it, in case anyone else cares to listen. The story is about an hour long, has several [poorly done] dialects and is set in a world from the video game, so if you’re not familiar with Thedas, you may not enjoy is as much as someone who is.

In case I need to add this: I was not paid for this, nor am I asking to be.


Chapters 1 through 10

Chapters 11 through 19

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