Line run-through

We’re well into our rehearsals for Mousetrap – so much so that we had a dress rehearsal last Friday, for which we had an audience of “invited-only” members (friends, family, etc).

I can’t speak for everyone in the cast, but I dropped or missed a couple of lines during that performance, and so was glad to hear we’d be having a “Line Run-Through” the following Sunday. I’ve never had a rehearsal like that after doing a dress; I’ve only ever experienced that kind of rehearsal on the first day, with scripts, pencils (and a modicum of shyness).

IT WAS SO SUPER FUN! To have everyone off-book like that, and go through the lines, created a magical evening. We didn’t need to be in character when delivering our lines, and we’ve now spent many evenings together as a cast, so fun and trust has been established – at least enough for all of us to feel comfy enough to PLAY. Each of us delivered our lines in different accents, or we changed our characters’ personalities, or we tried to do impressions of each other.

It was very freeing. This is what I do this for – the fun, to experiment, to be playful and discover things. I was also really impressed with my fellow cast members. They didn’t drop the accent after one or two lines – they kept it up for the beat, and then switched to something else. It showed a level of commitment and ability that I recognize purely as talent.

That rehearsal will go down as one of my favorites. I had fun, I learned a few things, and I fell in love with my cast even more.

Thanks, Chrissy.

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