Back to One

Much has happened over the past few months, including letting go of a few key individuals in my life who I thought were friends, but as it turns out, were not. And while I found it devastating at the time and for a few months after, I’ve gotten to a place where I’m glad to have the weight of them lifted from my shoulders.

Now that the dust has settled, I find myself thinking more and more about getting back into acting. Not just “voice” acting, as I currently do, but stage and film too. There is something different and lovely about theater folk. Now that I’m back in that world, I am delighted at rekindling that fire. I find that actors are “my people”, if such a thing exists, and I can’t describe how nice it is to feel free to break into song or discuss the finer points of Shakespeare with someone who gets it and accepts it without a second thought.

The play I’m in (The Mousetrap) is one I’ve done before – even the role I’m playing is the same. Its like a comfortable shoe or a pair of well-worn slippers that fit so perfectly, you smile and sigh with delight. The other members of the cast are a talented bunch and as nice as can be. I believe I was guided to do this show, and to pursue this course.

Come out and see the show if you are in the area. I’ll continue to post about any show I’m in.

I’m back.

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