“Fancypants”, a poem

My friend and I wrote back and forth today, and I [apparently] began a poem with the line, “I once knew a girl named Fancypants” and then she sent me an interesting response. Now, I just want to put it out there that I did once know a girl whose [nick]name was “Fancypants”. She did not have a hump; in fact, she was completely delightful, but the way this poem worked out made me laugh, so I had to share.

The following is the full (brief) poem:

I once knew a girl named Fancypants
And everytime I saw her, she would start to dance.
With her eyes closed and her feet a-flyin’,
She’d jiggle and wiggle ’til she left ya cryin’!
Not ashamed of her hump, she’d invite folks to join her,
As she shook her heavy load like a mangy old cur.

You’re welcome.

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