$20 Homeless Backpack Care Kit


The above is a link to a video on Wimp.com that inspired me. Hogan and I spent the past 2 weekends shopping at Thrift stores, CostCo and Dollar Stores, looking for the items suggested in the video, and putting together a couple of backpacks.

Yes… I bought some things in bulk, but it helped to keep my costs down, and it gave me the push I needed to clean out our master closet to make room for the extra stuff. You never know what kind of room you have in your home until you need it!

The project has been fun and pretty rewarding. I’ve not handed any out yet, but I’ll keep one in my car for the next time I see someone in need. The picture below is one that I took of the first kit I made (I made 2, but they both have the same stuff in them). The one pictured only cost me $16.25 (including the $2 backpack which is hard to see in the upper left corner of the pic). I would have put more in there, but it was kind of full. I left out beanies, scarves and gloves because I couldn’t find any at the thrift store, and besides, the weather has been getting warmer here lately, so I thought it’d be ok to leave them out until it starts getting cold again.

Just wanted to share what’s happening over here in Heatherland.



List of what’s in the bag:

2 Bars of Soap
2 WetOnes
2 Rolls of Toilet Paper
2 Packs of Tissues
First Aid Kit
4 Granola Bars
2 Small Containers of Fruit Juice
2 Small Bottles of Water
Peanut Butter

I found some emergency blankets on Amazon for $0.63/each, so I’ll include those when they arrive.

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