Juice Fast II

We broke the fast this morning.  I wasn’t feeling well last night. I think it was low blood pressure. Hogan and I went to our dancing class and mid-way through I had to stop and sit down because I felt woozy.  On the way home, we discussed whether or not we wanted to continue the fast, and we both decided to at least keep it up for the remainder of the night and decide in the morning.  However, for the rest of the night, we talked about how neither of us thought this was “right” for either of us. We both got something out of it, so we considered it a success.

After breakfast I went to the grocery store and spent about an hour really looking at food. I got some of the same stuff we’ve been enjoying, and some new stuff to try. I am still very interested in simplifying what I eat, and the word moderation is whispering in my ear.

As for my body, I feel as though I’ve gotten past another hurdle on my way to total acceptance and love.  I was seeing this fast as my savior, and of course, it disappointed me. I knew that going into it, but there’s nothing quite like experience to really understand a lesson.

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