Birthday Cake

Today is my birthday.

Like many other people, there are certain traditions that I not only love, but [think] I need in order for the day to be “right”.

For example, a few years ago, my dear friend Ana and I decided to forgo the traditional Thanksgiving fare and have Chinese instead. I wasn’t ok for weeks. I found out that year that I needed turkey on Thanksgiving.

Birthday cake is another one of those for me. I want to say “any cake will do” but that really isn’t true. I need homemade cake, preferably round, 2 layers and if I’m really being honest, I like vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

A few years back, I made the mistake of announcing that I was going to bake my own cake (cuz I like to bake and more than anyone, I know what I need), but there were many people around me who thought that was a horrible, sad idea, and I let them talk me into letting my husband buy me a cake at the local supermarket. I loved that he went out of his way to do that for me, it was very fancy and delicious, but… I really just wanted a simple, homemade cake. Never again would I publicize my cake-baking intentions.

And, um, for the record, I’m talking about Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker. I don’t think I’ve made a cake from scratch in my life – just add some eggs, oil and water and boom, you have cake.

So, this year, I went out and bought a box o cake and was going to make it this afternoon while my dearest friend Christina came to visit.  However, she put a stop to my plans by bringing me a cake that SHE baked, JUST FOR ME!!

I am so moved by this gift!  There is something wonderful about having people in your life with whom you share a history; who know you so well, they even make you a cake from a box when they normally do it from scratch, cuz they know you like it that way; who know that something so simple will mean so much.

Thank you, Christina. I know this gift was made with love, and I will love eating it!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Cake

  1. This is so awesome. I can totally relate. I love birthday cake from this one bakery in Philly. For years my husband has tried to find something similar here in nyc. All kinds of fancy stuff. It was good but just not the same. Then one year he just bought me a grocery store cake. I LOVED IT. It was like the cake from Philly. It just something about that cake that makes my birthday right.

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