No Cats Allowed!!

There is a sign on my voiceover booth that says, very clearly, “No Cats Allowed!!” It even has a little kitty skull with crossbones (see pic). Hogan made it for me when I first started, because when I go in the booth, at least one of the cats decides that’s the time he needs to talk to me. He will meow, scratch or bang on the door, until I open it and pay him some attention. Freddy is the worst about this.  I’ve let him in the booth with me a few times, and I’ve added the sound clip of that at the bottom of this post, in case you care to hear THAT exchange. No, its not the most riveting 2:31 you’ll ever spend, but the end gets kind of funny.

Can’t he read the sign? Its clearly posted, and should strike fear in his heart!  I suppose I should teach him how to read.

Here is the audio of me talking to my cat, while in the midst of recording an audiobook. While he was in the booth, I thought the mic was picking up on all the noise he was making. At about 1:52, I picked him up and brought him to the mic to get the FX of a cat purring, in case that would come in useful at some point… it hasn’t yet. Shortly after that, I kicked him out:

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