Coca Cola

When someone asks me what project I’m working on, its normally someone outside of the voiceover business, like friends and family.

When this happens, I give a shortcut answer, that isn’t entirely accurate, like, “I’m doing a job for Coca Cola,” or “Le Creuset”.

For those of you who have gotten an answer like this from me, please know that I do not work for these companies directly (and no, I don’t get any discounts, lol). What it really means is that I was hired by a production company or agency, whose client is most likely the more famous name I gave you.

If I’m being honest, I do this not just for economical communication, but also because I think it makes me look ‘cool’ in your estimation. This is total crap, which is why I’m coming clean here. I’m still going to use the short cut answer, but just know that while I’m still amazing, its not because I am doing a job for someone famous.


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