Finding Beauty

I live in South Carolina. Its really beautiful here; everywhere I look, I have a choice: let my thoughts take over and distract me, or let them go and look at the sky, the trees, the way the grass here grows really wild if left alone.

When I do that; when I soak it in, its amazing how peaceful I feel; how calm and certain.

Without going into details, I’ve been off-balance for the last few days. Something was brought up in a session with my Life Coach, and it sent me reeling.  Today is the first day I’ve felt right again, after about 5 days.  I’m still in process regarding the upset, so I just looked out my window and saw all these different bushes around the building across the street from me and how each one is so different from the other; each one its own shade of green; each one has its own leaves; each one has its own way of growing out of the ground.  The landscapers did a lovely job with this area, and beyond the building I can see an un-landscaped area, which to me is even more beautiful.

I had been feeling better before I looked out the window. Now I feel happy and peaceful. And thankful.

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