Toilet training kitties

About 8 years ago, after I’d adopted my 2 cats and had them in my apartment for awhile, I decided to train them to use a toilet. I bought a book on how to do it, and within 3 weeks, they were doing it.

Sort of.

Freddy caught on and did not seem to have any trouble sticking with the program. Sebastian, however, didn’t like it much and for the next 2 years, I dug my heels in and did whatever I could to MAKE him use the toilet.  He would pee in the bathtub and poop on the floor, or on my bed, or also in the bathtub.

The result was, I lost the war and had to bring the litter box back.

Then, on Friday, I was watching Shark Tank (for the first time), and saw CitiKitty. Some woman had invented a system to train cats on how to use the toilet.  Its been a few years, and I still have Sebastian, but I figure, what the hell, I’ll give it another shot.  I mean, as it stands, if Sebastian doesn’t like how full the litter box is, he’ll poop on the floor next to it, so I figure, I’m having to clean up poop anyway, why not try to bring the toilet back into play?

She also has some automatic flushing system on her site, which I’ll totally invest in… IF the kitties get on board.

If you want to know more about CitiKitty, here’s the link for the site. Good luck if you decide to do it – I’d love to hear about your own experiences with it.

I’ll probably use this project as an excuse to write more often in my blog, so… stay tuned!

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