Fire Tossing

Last night, Hogan and I were invited to a party out near Moncks Corner.

The party was at the residence of our friends, and their home is affectionately referred to as “The Farm” – probably because the home is on more than 50 acres of land.

Every year, our friends host a party around this time, and the draw of the party (other than the people themselves), is their Fireball Throwing game.  Here’s the deal: You take a little bit of this and a little bit of that till you get a ball, wait till its cold, light the sucker on fire, and toss it around to your buddies (the actual details and ingredients are a family secret to which I am not privy.)

We went last year, and I have a great pic of Hogan participating, which I will add to this post below. Last night, it was pretty cold and they all stayed out there playing for about an hour. I’d guess there were about 15 people in the circle. It was a freakin hoot.

Afterwards, in the kitchen, while they were washing their hands off, and comparing how much hair had been singed off their knuckles, I thought to myself that maybe next year, I’ll step into the circle. Maybe.

While the throwing is going on, Jeanne Mitchum (of Holy City Photography) stands off to the side with her fancy camera and takes photos of the game. She leave the shutter open, so she gets these amazing shots of the fire’s route from person to person. That’s why the below shot looks the way it does. When she adds more to her Facebook, I’ll grab them and add them below. This shot is from last year:

UPDATE!! Here’s a shot from this year: 

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