The Rental

I arrived in California late Friday night and needed to rent a car. Normally when I come here, I take a hotel shuttle bus and remain in whatever hotel I’m staying at for the duration of my trip. This is because I normally come here for some convention.

This time is different. I’m here to make a demo, as I outlined in my previous post, and the studio where that is being done isn’t in the hotel…

So, I go to the rental counter, have a conversation with the lovely lady and walk away a little giddy. Because I don’t often travel, I don’t often rent or drive strange cars.

Out in the lot, waiting for me was a brand new Mustang convertible. I’d just been talking the other day to Hogan about my old Mustang and what a great car that had been, and I consider convertibles totally frivolous, so I went for it.

The drive to the hotel was SO FUN! I put the top down and rolled the windows up and just drove. At some point I realized I had a grin on my face.

I’m decidedly glad I rented the car, mostly because it’s different, but also because it was a good reminder of how much I love my Honda. My hips are just a bit too generous for the Mustang’s bucket seats (the seatbelt fastener digs into me uncomfortably); I love to wear lipstick and being in a convertible without proper hair inhibitors can get messy and annoying.

However, for 3 days, those minor inconveniences are just that – minor.

Beep beep.

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