My father recently created his own blog, after weeks (and maybe months) of considering it.  He was hesitating because he wasn’t sure he had anything useful to say.

We convinced him to pull the trigger, and he’s been blogging up a storm!

As for me, I don’t often write down my own thoughts for the same reason he hesitated.  However, I totally enjoy when he or some other friend of mine writes a blog, no matter how random or strange or serious it might be, because I like being invited into their thoughts, if only for a brief moment.

The other cool thing about having a blog is that people I’ve not been in touch with for a long time can google me and find me here.  This happened twice recently.  The first was a pleasant surprise, and the second was certainly a surprise, but not entirely pleasant.

That’s ok. I’ll take the surprise, no matter what the outcome.  I love opportunities to learn.

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