Can you do an Australian accent?  I can (sort of).  I recently bought a very good book by Paul Meier called, “Accents and Dialects for Stage and Screen” and I think it was well-worth the investment.  This book has 24 accents and dialects and comes with CDs for you to hear the sounds and different tones others use when speaking.

I bought it  for 2 reasons: I’ve always wanted to be able to do an Australian accent, but could never get my mouth around the sounds, and I think being able to speak with different accents or dialects makes me more marketable as a voice actor.

So, how has this been going so far?  Well, when I drive around, I will call out things I see (like a 3 year old) and say them with a touch of Aussie.  I can’t put whole sentences together yet, but I’m working on it… mate.


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