Great dinner

I had a great dinner last night – in fact, I think it was one of my favorite meals I’ve made.

My friend Christina and I went to Whole Foods yesterday and picked up some fresh food. In case you’ve never been there, Whole Foods offers samples of some of their foods, mostly cheese, crackers and fruit. I usually pass these samples by, but Christina twisted my arm by sampling some cheese in front of me, so I just had to do it. It was called “Robusto” and I couldn’t talk for awhile because there was a PARTY going on in my mouth!

I immediately picked some up and started having ideas about how to incorporate that cheese and the grapes I sampled next (because their flavor combination was awesome) into what I was going to make for dinner.

So, the menu:

“Robusto” Cheese
Seedless Red Grapes
Sliced Red Delicious Apples
Alouette Cheese Spread
Fresh French Bread
Hanger Steak (marinated in Grub Rub)

It was FANTASTIC! I had everything spread out on the table, and we each ate whatever item we wanted. The flavor combinations were better than I expected. I asked Hogan what he thought and he seemed to like it and said it was kind of like a “barbaric” meal because we were mostly eating with our hands.

It was awesome – I was so happy during the meal and totally satisfied for the rest of the night!

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