Parking lot attack!

Went to lunch today with Hogan and my bro. Got to the parking lot, parked the car and as Hogan was about to open his door, a large truck pulled into the spot next to us, so he stopped and waited for the truck to settle before opening his door.

The three of us got out and were in the middle of a light-hearted conversation when WHAM!! The man from the truck comes around the back of his truck and says very angrily, “Do you always open your car door into other people’s cars??!!” Aiming his remark at my brother, who had exited on that side.

My brother responded that the door of our car wouldn’t even reach his truck if he HAD opened it all the way, which he insisted that he hadn’t.

They went back and forth for another minute and when it was clear that my brother wasn’t going to back down, the man disengaged and went on his merry way.

The three of us went to the restaurant for our lunch and it took a good few minutes to get over the shock of being attacked like that in the parking lot. I’m sure if that man had come over and said something like, “excuse me, I think you might have opened your door into my car…” the conversation might have gone a bit different – but no! He decided to come at us with guns ablazin. Jerk.

Looking back on it, it could have gone MUCH worse… and I didn’t have my Taser with me. I’ll remedy that right now.

Don’t go out there defenseless! You never know when you might run into a troll.

2 thoughts on “Parking lot attack!

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