Sugar – The Bitter Truth

I saw this video a few weeks ago and it has really opened my eyes to what we put in our bodies on a daily basis.

Below is the video in its entirety, and here is another version of the same video, chopped up into 9 parts, 10 min each (easier to watch if you don’t have a lot of time.)

2 thoughts on “Sugar – The Bitter Truth

  1. Finally finished it. Very good. I have long wondered, however, why more people don’t realize that it really boils down to common sense: a diet of natural foods that the human body is actually designed to consume coupled with moderate exercise that the body is actually designed to perform equals a healthy and appropriately sized body. And yet, the average person never really stops to consider this. Hopefully more of this sort of thing will help.

  2. I couldn’t agree more.

    As one of those people who never thought about it, I was [unconsciously] trusting the supermarket and the FDA to offer ‘good’ food, AND that “organic” meant tasteless and expensive. I really didn’t know that eating potato chips or diet soda would do me harm – the chips might make me fat, but that’s SO small picture.

    What kills me about all this is the argument that because of the HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) found in so many foods, AND because of all the corn we feed our livestock, our food is a lot less expensive, so Americans can use their money for “other” things. Yeah, “other” things are turning out to be things like MEDICAL BILLS.

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