I’ve been experimenting with cooking things from scratch. Recently, I borrowed my sister’s breadmaking machine (does that count as “scratch”?) and used organic flour, eggs, milk, etc. I was worried about how it would come out because #1, this was my first time, and #2, it was all organic material, and didn’t have all the stuff that other breads have.

It was GREAT! Especially warm and fresh from the oven – seriously, if you haven’t baked bread before, I suggest you try it, its a real treat.

2 thoughts on “Cooking

  1. Oh, I know it is! Plus the satisfaction from having made it yourself with love from your bare hands. It really does make a difference. I have moved largely toward organics, myself. The more I learn about all the crazy, random, and chemical things that are in your everyday processed foods–it’s just like, I don’t want that in my body, gross! No wonder my system has trouble breaking down fat, getting proper rest, and feeling energized! Seriously. And cooking is a form of such creative expression, it can be really therapeutic.

  2. Yes! I saw a video recently that I’ll link in a blog post (so everyone can see it), that had me totally re-vamp how Hogan and I eat. We’re inside of a learning curve at the moment, but I really like how we’re eating right now. All the eggs, flour, meat, sauces – everything is organic AND, I make sure that the label doesn’t include any form of corn syrup… which is EVERYWHERE!

    Therapeutic, yes – I never really loved cooking before, but have turned a corner on that and now am looking to take some classes (like the ones at The Coastal Cupboard).

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