Studio location

I’ve been struggling with a choice: Do I keep my studio in my home or should I move it to another location? I have an opportunity to get a sound booth, which is a heck of lot better than my closet. The problem is, the thing is large and we don’t have a lot of space at home.

The other ‘location’ is within my family’s business offices, in which there is potentially a space for me.

Pros and cons for home:
Pros: Well… I’ll be home, which means I’ll be comfortable and feel safe to experiment with the copy; I can possibly use the space in my home to write off the business expenses; I’ll have immediate access to the booth, in case a client needs something right away.
Cons: I might not focus on the business as much if I’m too comfortable and I have a lot of distractions here. I don’t have as much space in my home for a “studio”, and the booth alone will take up a lot of space and be a potential eyesore.

Pros and cons for office:
Pros: I’ll be out of the house and when one does that, one tends to focus more; I’ll have more space and may possibly be able to get a larger booth with a few more bells and whistles; my family will have ready access to the booth for their own needs.
Cons: I might not feel as safe to experiment with the copy (which might turn out to be a good thing for me; it might be good for me to be forced to be creative in an open environment as you never know when that kind of skill will come in handy); I won’t have immediate access to the booth, in case a client needs something right away; I can’t protect my equipment if its out of my hands.

As you can see, I’ve thought a lot about it. I think my druthers would be to stay at home, but it just may not be feasible in the little condo. I don’t want to squeeze us into a smaller space by introducing a large room-within-a-room situation, but I also feel like it would all be just fine and Hogan and I would make the best of it.

I’d love to hear what you think about it. What would you do?

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