Medium Rare

Went to a restuant today and ordered a “medium rare” burger.

It arrived raw.  Nice way to ruin a perfectly good day.

2 thoughts on “Medium Rare

  1. I have a hard time believing this. Are you sure you’re not being a bit dramatic about it? Do you mean, it hadn’t been placed on any sort of heating equipment whatsoever?

    Thanks for blogging about it, though.

  2. No, you’re right – the outside gave every indication of being cooked, which is probably why I was so disappointed when I cut off the first bite.

    If the waitress had put down a raw patty in front of me, I’m sure we both would have had a good laugh.

    I ended up eating the edges of the burger and the broccoli side dish. I was relatively satisfied, but they removed the meal from my bill, which was nice of them.

    What really sucked was that I had been looking forward to that particular meal for about 2 weeks, literally.

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