I went to the supermarket for a bit of light shopping.  When I checked out, the girl behind the register looked at my hair and commented, “Interesting color.”

I noticed that wasn’t exactly a compliment, so I replied good-naturedly, “It was an accident.”  I then explained what happened (different color than I’m used to – its pretty brassy.)

She proceeded to start to write down a name on a piece of paper.  I asked what she was doing and she said, “I’m going to give you the name of someone who can fix that,” and she pointed at my head with her pen.

At this point, I start laughing because I can’t believe how absurd this conversation is. This girl doesn’t know me, and has no idea how rude she’s being. She honestly is trying to ‘help’ me.

I thanked her and explained that I really didn’t need the number, and that the color would eventually fade.  As I walked away, I said, “And besides, if my husband doesn’t mind, why should I, right?”

She replied, “Yeah, its a good thing he loves you, no matter what,” as she looked again at my copper head.

True. So true.

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