I’ve been having some issues with my earlobe lately.

Growing up, if I wore earrings that weren’t at least 14k gold, my lobes would get red and sore and hurt a really lot.

I stopped wearing earrings for a long time and one day, got a wild hair and started wearing them again.  And… no problem!

Now, I have a ton of crazy earrings and its been REALLY fun… but the old soreness has come back (but only in my left lobe – explain THAT one to me), and I stopped again.

For the past few days I’d been thinking I should maybe go to Target or something and grab a small pair of 14k studs to get back into the swing of things, but got distracted by the sparkly display at Kay Jeweler next door…

I called Hogan to clear it with him, and he gave me the ok: I now own my very first pair of diamond stud earrings!  That wasn’t my intention going in there, but I had a price in my head that I was willing to pay, and as it turns out, I was able to afford diamonds!

I left the store in sort of a giddy limbo – I really don’t know how to feel about it.  Am totally tickled that I have DIAMONDS on my person. Right now. On display. Totally decadent.

One thought on “Diamonds

  1. These earrings are soo ptetry as well as clear! The white gold compliments the diamond (which is just the right size for a young lady or an accent piece!) These were a promotion offered from Diamond Delight w/ my original purchase of my BEAUTIFUL Tulip drop earrings! I am saving these for my 4 yr. old!! As alway’s D.D. has made me smile! Thank you (special thank u to Annie!) Mrs. Jason Barrick

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