So, yesterday morning sucked.

Our garbage is kept in the pantry, which for about 3 years has worked just fine.

A few days ago I started noticing a strange smell, which I just figured was something in the garbage that had gone sour.

I was sort of right.

I took out the bag and saw that somehow, something had leaked INTO the garbage liner, and there was about an inch of sludge, baiting me; mocking me.

It was gross, let me tell you. I think the actual liquid part of it was chicken grease, but what made it horrid was the added smell of the Bounce dryer sheet swimming in the grease, that I had put there as a deodorant. OH, and the garbage bags? Yeah, they have some god-awful “Vanilla” deodorizer-smell (which I hate), which added a lot to the whole experience.

Feeling sick yet?

So, I poured out the sludge into the bag I had just taken out, ended up spilling a bit (of course), and took the liner into the bathroom where I spent the next 30 min disinfecting the thing.

So the good news is, the smell is gone and my can is clean.

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